Are you interested in opening your 3rd eye? 
Would you like a stronger connection to spirit & your guides?
Do you sense that you have psychic capabilities?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions than consider the following process that worked for me. This process is also known as decalcifying the pineal gland. 

Do the following for 7 Days (or longer if you can)

1. Eat a cleansing diet of whole foods; mainly fruits, vegetables, nuts & legumes. You can choose to eat these raw, slightly steamed, in smoothies etc... Take in the essence of these pure foods as they store sacred knowledge & energy from Gaia. Stay away from processed or genetically modified foods.Think organic, yes it may cost more but you are worth it. Your body is your temple after all.

2. Drink plenty of alkaline water or distilled water. You want your pee to be as clear as possible. This is a sign that toxins have left your system.

3. Set a clear intention for yourself to become spiritually enlightened and connected to your spirit guides, the ascended masters, and the Archangels. You can do this by meditating daily with these intentions in mind and by repeating mantras to yourself throughout the course of the day. 

4. Do not consume any alcohol, tobacco or chemicals as this process is meant to detoxify your body and clear your mind and spirit. 

5. Spend as much time outdoors as possible preferably while doing your meditations. Take a day trip or several and enjoy the natural elements that surround you.

6. Show gratitude before, during and after meditation.

7. It is also wise to switch to a non-flouride toothpaste as flouride is a known neurotoxin that reeks havoc on the pineal gland causing it to calcify. 

8. Keep a journal of your journey so that you can reflect on any insights and/ or experiences you have during this process.

Do this for at least 7 days and watch as that beautiful Third Eye awakens!  Happy journeying and good luck! 

If you have any additional advice, experiences, or stories pertaining to opening the third eye please feel free to comment below. 

Namaste 💖

Gratitude Meditation at Goldfield Ghost Town

I am guided down the road and as if in answer to my desires I happen upon Goldfield Mine & Ghost Town. Coincidentally, I had been yearning to find a Ghost Town and was really in the mood for some spirits. I enter the town and notice how it is booming with tourists from all nations. A beautiful sight to behold. However, in my journeys I prefer a less populated experience. So after visiting the Saloon and taking a shot of my favorite well vodka I ventured out past the No Trespassing signs designed to keep tourists safe. As a free spirited soul I tend to misread these signs and interpret them to say "This is Your Path". Venturing further beyond the echoes of human voices; crossing train tracks of old; removing my shoes grounding my toes into the smoothly toiled sand. Taking notice of the terrain. From the foul odor of horse excrement to the scent of blooming desert flowers on the soft breeze. I embrace all of the stimuli around me through each of my senses. Touching, smelling, gazing, tasting the pristine air as it bellows deep into my soul. The perfect clearing comes into view as I settle into the sand for a moment of meditation. Butterflies, insects and birds fly through the air as my hand scoops the weathered sand taking in each history laden grain. Startled, I jump up realizing that within my palm sits a tiny gecko prince. He stares into my eyes as if to say "Namaste" before scurrying off to meet his destiny. I sense my burdened body become light as if shedding weighted bags brought with me from my daily life in the city. Everything around me takes on an aesthetic of beauty as the sunlight bathes all that is in golden light. I breathe, I exhale, I love and I am free. Once I have given myself this moment of pureness I am ready to trek back to the bustling ghost town and mingle with the good people who make their livelihoods in this deeply spiritual place. Climbing back up the rocky terrain in my open toed sandals I give myself appreciation for opening my heart to the simple yet enriching rewards of nature and I invite myself to enjoy another drink at the Saloon. Upon entering I am greeted by the familiar face of the kind bartender I met earlier and he offers to buy my next drink. Realizing that my funds are running low I graciously accept returning his warm smile and entering into a conversation regarding the history of this wonderful place. I excuse myself to walk around and gaze into the past, reading as many articles and soaking in each weathered picture hung on the walls. The walls are packed with the history of the old west and I catch myself giggling aloud as I read some of the pun filled writings left here by cowboys of days gone by. Something guides me towards the back deck and I find a gathering of older men. Some wear cowboy hats and bolero ties laden with turquoise and steer heads. Symbols of freedom surround me as I enter into conversations with each of these people I realize that they all have something to teach me. Where once I held prejudices I felt them dissipate as I understood how not only mine were seeded but theirs as well. I nod to the greatness of the universe to pay tribute for the enrichment of my mind body and soul. What a hauntingly beautiful experience.