A very special thanks to my Facebook clients for providing feedback on their readings.


Client Testimonials

Crystal Natali

Amanda you are a beautiful soul! This reading really spoke to me. You got my personality bang on. I really have been thinking of just settling for any job because I have been running low on patience as it has felt like it was never going to happen for me. This really gave me the hope I needed to hang on longer. It’s quite funny you mentioned the love situation because even though I didn’t ask the question it was in the back of my mind when I asked about the job. I’ve been following my heart and hoping I’m doing the right thing. It’s nice to know that spirit agrees with what I’m doing and sees it being a success. Thanks again ! Love and light! Yeah!

Kim Yancey

I had a transcribed reading from Amanda...and wow! I am still blown away. She is amazing with her messages and guidance. I could literally feel the love within the message she sent. I will be back for more!!! I can't thank her enough!

Pauline gonzalez

I had a wonderful experience talking with Amanda. She confirmed many things for myself and helped relieve a few of my fears. I love how she channels with the Angels, it’s as if you can feel them too. I felt lighter and brighter after we chatted. 
Thank you Amanda for your time.

Daniel Caesar

Amanda is a precious gift to the world. An enlightened being with an undeniable psychic ability. I am pleased to have come across her existence in this universe, time and life. Thank you for being awesome and for dedicating your time to help people out! Much love!

Vix Talks

Amanda has an amazing gift and is truly connected to her guides. The 5 readings she has done for me have been life inspiring. I was given direction and validation on decisions I had been contemplating in my life that have truly changed me for the better. I recommend her to all that will listen and are looking for their own answers. Thank you Amanda! I am blessed to have been connected with you

Lewis Vallier iii

I just received an AMAZING reading from Amanda. I felt like she was speaking directly to my heart. My parents are both departed, and I still have such a difficult time accepting it. Amanda's reading was so accurate that it felt like they were actually speaking to me. Amanda left me with such a great sense of comfort!

Andrianna Pirillo

I am so grateful I came across Amanda on one of her live readings, she was so spot on and sincere about everything she said. I have been praying for a certain family member to come through one day to clarify my feelings of their existence and messages and they came through her so fast. I can't express how grateful I am for her readings, I most definitely recommend her to anyone seeking accurate and life changing guidance and messages spirituality!

Heidi Sharp

Amanda did a very accurate reading on me. She validated things no one else knew. Very brilliant woman and she just has a Peaceful bliss about her. I would absolutely highly recommend her to Anyone. Thanks Amanda... 

Perla Jarra

Amanda is amazing at what she does. She has an amazing ability to help you navigate anything you’re going through by not only telling you what’s in store but by giving you advice and guidance on how to overcome any obstacles. She truly has a direct connection with her guides. She is clear and direct with her messages. But best of all I think is her ability to connect with you on a deeper soul level and get to the bottom of why you are where you are and how to thrive. Highly recommend Amanda to anyone in need of guidance and support.

Lungi Lu

Oh my word! I'm still speechless Amanda you are amazing I can't stop listening to the message from my mother it got me into tears, I have always wanted to hear something from her I have never met her or seen her pictures I just know she died, thank you so much I needed this, I appreciate you, lots of love for you Amanda.